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Who We Are

A Few Words From The Owner

Hello, my name is Ivan Lupio and I’m the owner of Tile XL, LLC. I’ve been in the tile business since 2014 and previous to that I worked for Safeway on 59th Ave and Thunderbird. I was there for about twelve years (shoutout to all my Safeway friends and customers). There comes a point in your life when you must evolve or die, and that’s exactly what I did. I put in my two weeks and started an internship with a buddy of mine who is also a tile maestro (shoutout to Epic Floor Coverings). I was his helper for less then a year until I got some tools and a little know how, after that I started working for tile companies, where I’ve learned a good amount. It takes time and effort to do something right. So I worked on my craft for the next eight years or so until I finally became proficient at it, as my friend would say “there’s levels to this” and I agree. After I felt fully comfortable as an installer, I thought it was time to evolve again, and so I started my business in 2022, and here we are now, it’s time once again to elevate the tile game all around, in customers homes and in businesses alike.